Why everyone should choose to wear fur?

kailiniu siuvimas

The world is changing and, with it, our approach to consumption. As the impact of global warming worsens, many consumers are rethinking what they buy. If we really care about the environment, we will want to buy sustainable fashion products that use production processes that are not too harmful to the environment


Fur is nature’s wonderful response to winter. And nothing is warmer. As a natural material, fur allows the body to breathe and is isothermal, keeping you comfortable and cozy, no matter the weather. At least wear one of those small accessories like fur hats and winter will never be as cold as before.


Soft, sensual and enveloping, nothing compares with the feeling of wearing fur. And with today’s new techniques, furs have never been more versatile or lightweight. In fact many can be worn year-round, rather then just in cold seasons or climates.


Fur never goes out of style and now its seductive beauty has never had a stronger grasp on the fashion imagination. One only has to look at the hundreds of international designers who showcase fur in their collections in increasingly creative ways.


The cliché of fur on formal occasions has long been put to rest. Fur now can be worn everywhere. With jeans and ball gowns. Warm on a winter night, enchanting on a summer dress. There is only one rule and that is: create your own style!


The fur trade is government regulated to ensure that endangered species are never used. Fur is an excellent example of “sustainable use of renewable resources,” a principle promoted by world wildlife organizations.